Turtle Needlebook

Kit includes: Turtle thread pallet, chart, linen, floss, ribbon, charm, needlepage and all finishing supplies and instructions.


Mending Box

Kit includes: Chart, box, threads, lining material, batting, heat n bond, bead, template boards & finishing instructions.


Elephant & Bees Bolster

Kit includes: Elephant thread pallet, chart, linen, floss, charm, lining material, template and finishing instructions.


Mimi's Pyn Purse

Kit includes: Chart, linen, overdyed threads, cording, embellishments & finishing instructions


Button Box

Kit includes: Wooden Box, chart, linen and cording.


Neeedlework Garden
Thread Pallet
Accessory for Needlework Garden Basket

Kit includes: Wooden pallet, chart, linen, threads, lining material, template boards & finishing instructions


Opera Bag Kit

Kit includes: Basket with topper, chart, linen, thread, ribbon, button, batting, interfacing & finishing instructions


Neeedlework Garden
Snip Basket
Accessory for Needlework Garden Basket

Kit includes: Basket, chart, linen, thread, charm & finishing instructions


Waste Not Want Not

Chartpack includes: Chart,charm, buttons, magnetic board, Lining fabric, ribbon, templates & finishing instructions

Chartpack $20.00
Basket $70.00

Chart $8.00

LJ407 pencil box (pictured) $95.00

4001 pencil box (see dowry box page)

Needlework Garden

Chartpack includes: Chart, template, lining & finishing instructions

Chartpack $20.00
Basket $ 59.00

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by Olde Colonial Designs