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"Merry Little Christmas"
Gift Card Holder
Kit Includes: Chart, linen, fabric, threads, ribbon, charm, lining & finishing instructions


"Christmas Stockings"

Chart (includes all 4 designs)

$12.00 ea 2 for $22.004 for $ 40.00

Available in Poinsettia, Gold w/ Stockings, Red w/ Stockings, Snowman, Country Red Check & Country Green Check

"Halloween Pouch"
Holds a small card, gift card, candy or any other special halloween surprise

Kit Includes: Chart, linen, threads, fabric, ribbon, bead & finishing instructions. (Halloween card not included)


I am so excited to announce new designs by Pam of Olde Colonial Designs.
Released February 2012
"Miss Caroline"

Kit includes: Caroline herself fully dressed with bonnet, apron, thread, chart & charm.


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"My Scissors"

Kit includes: Fabric, threads, chart & charm,


"Butterfly Garden"

Kit includes: Basket with cherry rim, linen, lining, chart, charm & finishing instuctions.


"Needle & Pyns"
An accessory to the Waste Not Want Not Basket Kit

Kit includes: Linen, thread, lining, suede, ribbon, template boards & chart.


Released October 2011
Released February 2011
"Frog Notes"

Kit includes: Fabric, threads, chart, finishing instructions


Released July 2011
"The Stitching Clutch"

Kit includes: Prefishined Clutch  with a linen insert, chart, finishing instructions


"Lavender Sachet Box"
Sachet Kit sold seperately

PR6002 Dk Burl 5x5 Box


"Pin Cushion Wristlet"

Kit includes: Fabric, threads, chart, button, prefinished wristlet and finishing instructions


"Waste Knot Tap Measure"
Accessory to Waste Knot Want Kot Basket

Kit includes: Fabric, threads, chart, tape measure and finishing instructions


"Lavender Sachet"

Kit includes: Fabric, threads, chart, lavender, heart button
and finishing instructions